Mondo’s The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure

Mondo is releasing a 16-inch Iron Giant deluxe figure based on the titular giant robot from the movie. Here’s the description from the figure’s product page where you can preorder it for $299USD:

The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure is the most highly detailed Iron Giant collectible to date! Created using the actual digital files used in the film, the figure features over 30 points of articulation, two interchangeable heads with a light up feature, magnetic “S” that can be detached from its sign and attached to his chest, switch-out “War Arm,” Hogarth mini-figure, and a girder to munch on! In addition to this, the figure also includes a sound feature, with Iron Giant quotes from the film!

IO9 has an article with more details about the figure and awesome clip of Iron Giant director Brad Bird gushing over the figure.

Mondo’s Iron Giant is expected to ship 3rd Quarter of 2015.